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Global aviation experience in the infrastructure, airline and regulatory environments.

Our aviation consulting services help clients to evaluate the strategic business and policy implications of changes in the sector. We have extensive global experience in the infrastructure, airline and regulatory environments, and are well-known for our informed views and opinions.

The world’s aviation industry has experienced sustained change in recent years. The forces driving these are wide-ranging and include economic development, urbanisation, market liberalisation, rapid technology advances, fuel price upheavals, environmental concerns, and terrorism and the public’s perceptions of its risks to air travel. Low cost carriers have become powerful competitors to traditional airlines and have also exerted an influence on the commercial and investment strategies of airports, as has the development of competing modes such as high speed rail.

Our advice is aimed at airport operators, investors and financial institutions, airlines, air navigation service providers, regulators and governments. 

So, why us?

Our aviation team offers a wealth of experience based on a long track record providing advice across the world, complemented by the previous airport, airline and regulatory experience of our senior team members. We have recently opened a new US office in Washington DC to support further growth in the sector, adding to our existing aviation expertise located in Europe, Latin America and India. 

We understand the issues and influences that face the aviation sector today and are likely to shape it tomorrow - such as the implications of the law and policies; the behavioural decisions of airlines and passengers; demand and supply; transport mode competition/complementarity; the effects on revenues of different economic regulatory regimes and the provision of surface access to airports. 

What we can do for you

Aviation Policy

  • Aviation policy & government strategy review
  • Regulatory review
  • Air traffic, revenue and operating cost forecasts and capital plan for airports
  • Cargo
  • Wider economic benefits assessment
  • Surface access studies
  • Benchmarking


  • Due Diligence and bid support (investor, vendor, lenders)
  • Airport business strategy
  • Business & financial modelling
  • Capital investment assessment
  • Opportunity & risk review
  • Post transaction support

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Aviation, Aviation policy, Airport business strategy, Traffic & revenue forecasting, Environmental impact studies, Bid support, Procurement
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