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Geoff England

Geoff is a transportation planner with expertise in transportation demand management, transit facility design and multimodal integration within transit-oriented communities.

German Lleras

German is currently the Regional Director of Steer Davies Gleave in Latin America. Much of his recent work has been focused on urban transport planning and advising the structure and delivery of transactions.

Ian Druce

Ian is the Head of Steer Davies Gleave’s Canadian offices. He is an experienced transportation planner and specializes in urban transit projects, such as the LRT Expansion Plan for the City of Edmonton and the UBC Line Rapid Transit Alternatives Study for TransLink in Vancouver.

Ian Sproul

Ian is an engineer specializing in public transport projects. He has significant experience in light transit schemes LRT, BRT and bus priority, including initial feasibility studies, scheme development and evaluation, operational planning, development of operational and capital costs, detailed design and procurement.

Jake Cartmell

Jake is an economist specialising in the rail sector. His expertise is in the areas of major scheme appraisal, demand forecasting, environmental assessment and policy development.

James Brown

James has over 8 years’ experience in consultancy working on projects across the UK and internationally to deliver creative solutions in both public and private sectors that cover; design strategy, brand strategy, information design, urban design, wayfinding and graphic design.

James Long

James is a transport technology and strategy consultant with more than 7 years’ experience in the specification, implementation, acceptance and assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the UK and Europe.

Jim Richards

Jim is an experienced transport professional with a successful career in the private and public sector involving passenger railway projects in the UK and overseas.

Jim Steer

Jim is one of UK's leading authorities on transport. He is a founder of the company and was Managing Director until March 2002.

John Collins

John is senior consultant who joined SDG in 2013, having previously worked at the DfT. He is an engineer by training and has a background in rail franchising, aviation, motoring and transport analysis teams. His experience includes working in policy, data analysis, modelling, project management and operational roles.

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