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Industry insights

The disruptive nature of autonomous vehicles on traffic forecasting

08 December 2016

Delivering a reasonably accurate forecast is an important component to estimating the feasibility of a particular project or the viability of a comprehensive transport plan. In most cities, the benefits of the project or plan will depend upon an estimate of travel times on alternative modes, routes and modal shares. 

We have been doing this for many years (with variable accuracy) under a broad assumption of “business as usual”; that is travel trends, capacities and mode preferences (defined by the parameters in our models) will be retained into the future.

Demonetisation and transport — can technology help?

08 December 2016

The recent (8 November 2016) decision by the Indian government to demonetise 86% of currency notes in circulation in form of INR 500 ($7.5/£6) and INR 1000 ($15/£12) came as a shock to the Indian economy and its citizens. The government has given 50 days to deposit their old currency notes into their bank accounts with limited provisions to withdraw new or smaller denomination currency notes. With just over four weeks since the decision the final verdict on the overall impact of this move is still out there.

What about transport? 

India's smart cities challenge

07 December 2016

Pune is a major Indian city, the second largest in the western state of Maharashtra. It is a wonderful example of the vibrancy, excitement and ancient culture for which India’s cities are famous, but it suffers from all the social problems that come with the energy and color, too.

Bus fuel technologies: what’s the right choice for your city?

07 December 2016

Across the world there is growing interest in the use of clean and sustainable alternatives to diesel power for public transport fleets as well as private vehicles. In 2015 there were over 1 million electric cars on the road (0.1% of the total stock) and one-fifth of the global total two-wheeler stock was electric. In addition to the private vehicle segment, both private cars and two-wheelers, electric buses are gaining more support from transport manufacturers, operators and public authorities with 19,059 electric buses being sold globally in 2015 alone.

Tags: Bus, Digital
Region: Asia Pacific

How is London going to grow?

25 November 2016

London's population continues to grow and is expected to reach 10 million within the next 15 years, raising questions on how the capital will cope with such vast numbers.   

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