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Industry insights

Hackney Cycling Conference 2018

02 May 2018

Steer Davies Gleave, Hackney Council and the Hackney Cycling Campaign are joining forces to co-host the seventh annual Hackney Cycling Conference on 17 May 2018. Hackney enjoys the highest levels of cycling in London, and the event has become a fixture in the calendar of professionals, campaigners, and elected members eager to hear new ideas.

Steer Davies Gleave produces a manifesto for city centres in the age of the Driverless Car

28 April 2018

According to the latest industry predictions, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) will become a reality in the wealthiest urban environments within the next ten years. Steer Davies Gleave has produced a design study to understand how this shift will change the faces of our cities.

The new Silk Route: opportunities and challenges for EU transport

19 March 2018

The new Silk Route, or “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), is a major policy initiative developed by China to improve connectivity between Asia and Europe. Although no official definition of the BRI exists, it refers to six major land corridors across the Eurasian continent and a network of maritime routes connecting Asia with Africa and Europe. It connects 65 countries which jointly account for 60% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 30% of global population.

SDG develops an Urban Dynamic Model

15 March 2018

Transport and land use models are considered large, expensive beasts that take ages to run and deliver answers that have to be interpreted by experts, but that is not necessarily true. Steer Davies Gleave has developed an online version of our Urban and Regional Dynamic Models (UDM & RDM) that is adaptable, easy to use and runs in seconds. The UDM was built to help answer big questions about how to invest in major infrastructure like transport, housing or commercial development to best support the economy of a town, city or region. 

Innovative boardwalk trial launched in London's Bankside

18 January 2018

Steer Davies Gleave is delighted to announce the installation of the Bankside Boardwalk, an innovative and vibrant boardwalk in London SE1 that expands the narrow pedestrian walkway space and injects playfulness into the urban realm of the area.

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Complimentary to cycling, it's good to hear London Living Streets' David Harrison's suggestions for a strategic wal… by @SDGworld

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