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Craig Nelson's blog

Do you Uber?

11 November 2014

In a city like Los Angeles, where the car reigns supreme, technology is shaping transportation developments so that even car-less inhabitants can get around with ease. In advance of moving to the city, SDG’s Craig Nelson looks at one development in particular; Uber.

By the time you read this I’ll be living in Los Angeles with my wife, adjusting to a change in our transportation options, having recently moved over from London.

Tags: Digital

Shaping and monitoring behaviour change in the City of York

15 September 2014

With visitor numbers on the rise, the UK’s historic city of York is using journey planning to shape, monitor and encourage behaviour change in residents and visitors alike.

York is an easy city to explore with the centre largely pedestrianised, miles of scenic cycle routes and a well-used Park-and-Ride system. Ensuring that residents and visitors are aware of this is the challenge. Over the past year, City of York Council has been developing the iTravel York brand and website which includes a new and innovative multimodal journey planner.

How the LSTF is providing innovative online tools for changing travel behaviour

19 February 2014

Over the last couple of years the UK has seen a distinct change in the delivery of web-based and online transport information tools.

The main drivers for this change have been the proliferation of smart phones, the explosion of open data and the availability of sustainable transport funding to local authorities. More importantly, the public is hungry for online, on the go, travel information tools that respond to their changing requirements during any given journey.

How technology will transport us

20 October 2012

Technology touches everything these days, and the field of transportation is no different – several developments are currently underway that will make a big difference to the way we get around.

Impact of technology on transport

31 May 2012

The way we make our daily travel decisions is set to change dramatically over the next 20 years. One of the key drivers of this change will be technology and, in particular the proliferation of internet enabled, location sensitive mobile devices and the data they produce.

About the author

Craig Nelson's picture
Craig Nelson
Craig specialises in digital information solutions for transportation, gamification websites, Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities. Craig has managed numerous innovative technical projects in North America and the UK, including multi-modal travel portal websites, interactive maps and bespoke software development.

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