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Developing Hamilton’s B-Line LRT to a maximum state of readiness

City of Hamilton

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Applying a Benefits Tracker as part of the study work has ensured that the case for the project remains robust as the details are developed.

The City of Hamilton has ambitious plans for a 5-line rapid transit network which is included in The Big Move (Metrolinx’s Regional Transportation Plan) for delivery over the next 25 years. Rapid transit for Hamilton is about more than just moving people; it is one of the key components of an economic plan which will act as a catalyst to stimulate development and help revitalize the city.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave are the lead consultant taking the highest priority line – the 13.5km B-Line – to “a maximum state of implementation readiness”. It will use urban-style Light Rail Transit (LRT) technology to help deliver the wider ‘city shaping’ objectives. As part of the project, we also undertook pre-feasibility and land use planning work on the next highest priority, the 16km A-line to determine land use interactions, preferred routing and mode.

How we did it

We proposed a Benefits Tracker as an integral part of the study work. Applying the Tracker at milestones in the project ensures that, as details are developed, the case for the project remains robust and enables informed decisions and changes to be made. Applying our integrated approach centered around “putting the passenger first”, we undertook a comprehensive alignment review, outline design, evaluation and modeling for the transit route. Work we carried out included:

  • Detailed and innovative modeling process, using EMME, VISUM and VISSIM, to test the operation of the B-Line transit route
  • Evaluating changes to traffic circulation and highway network
  • Reconfiguration of existing transit network
  • Ridership forecasting
  • 3-D model of part of the corridor to illustrate how the LRT could look, to show stakeholders and the public

Other work completed included extensive public outreach, functional planning analysis, costing, operations planning, implementation planning and an Environmental Project Report. Throughout all aspects we worked closely with the client team, including the City’s senior management, Rapid Transit team, planners, and Economic Development team, to ensure LRT was developed and designed as an integrated component of the wider Hamilton regeneration initiative and will deliver maximum benefit to the City.

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Hamiton Rapid Transit
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