Steer Davies Gleave produces a manifesto for city centres in the age of the Driverless Car

28 April 2018

According to the latest industry predictions, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) will become a reality in the wealthiest urban environments within the next ten years. Steer Davies Gleave has produced a design study to understand how this shift will change the faces of our cities.

SDG develops an Urban Dynamic Model

15 March 2018

Transport and land use models are considered large, expensive beasts that take ages to run and deliver answers that have to be interpreted by experts, but that is not necessarily true. Steer Davies Gleave has developed an online version of our Urban and Regional Dynamic Models (UDM & RDM) that is adaptable, easy to use and runs in seconds. The UDM was built to help answer big questions about how to invest in major infrastructure like transport, housing or commercial development to best support the economy of a town, city or region. 

Improving forecasts through ‘Nudge’ theory

15 November 2017

It is notoriously difficult to predict what’s going to happen with new technologies. However, being able to do so is of uttermost importance in the transport sector. Behavioural Economics, if applied correctly, can help in this almost impossible quest of predicting the speed of adoption of new technology. To illustrate this, we use two very different types of technology, Uber and Electric Vehicles.

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