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Urban transit

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We have taken transit projects from concept through design to operations.

Urban transit is a key component to many successful 21st century cities. It offers flexibility and affordability that many other technologies can’t rival, and can address a range of objectives such as mobility, accessibility, sustainability and economic prosperity.

However, transport providers and local authorities continue to face many difficult challenges. Despite increasing pressure to provide more sustainable means of transport for urban areas, we are also experiencing an era of reduced funding opportunities and a continued reliance on private transport. Balancing these competing demands in conjunction with indirect pressures such as rising fuel costs, increasing social mobility and a changing demographic requires a full appreciation of all such contributing factors. 

Why Steer Davies Gleave?

Steer Davies Gleave has worked on hundreds of urban transit projects worldwide. Our role extends through all stages of the project lifecycle; from pre-feasibility studies and scheme development to securing powers, funding, implementation and operations.

Our experience allows us to recognise the uniqueness of ‘place’ – the complexities of different urban forms, cultures, travel patterns and economies make solutions specific to a particular location – enabling us to deliver the right transit solution for you, no matter what stage of a project you are at.

Our reputation within the transport industry has been developed through our understanding of the sensitivities raised by stakeholders and being proactive in working with them to achieve a deliverable solution.

What we can do for you

We provide integrated solutions that are both creative and practical. During scheme development, we are also able to advise on appropriate procurement and contract structures, necessary approvals and authorities to build and operate, as well as suitable delivery mechanisms.

  • Project management
  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Business case
  • Risk assessment
  • Signage & wayfinding
  • Communications strategy and branding
  • Contract preparation & management
  • Procurement
  • Public consultation & stakeholder engagement
  • Transport engineering
  • Route-finding and (pre-)feasibility studies
  • Revenue & demand forecasting
  • Service delivery
  • Transit operation planning
  • Urban design guides & specification
  • Technology review
  • 3D design, 3D modelling, micro-simulation
  • Website development and interactive maps
  • Transport and travel information systems

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