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Sustainable transport

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Sustainable transport
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Solutions to support both economic growth and reduce our impact on the environment.

Congestion, poor air quality, low levels of physical activity and social exclusion are common problems within the community. Combining transport and infrastructure improvements with a mix of ‘Smarter Choices’ interventions such as Personal Travel Planning (PTP) can deliver significant change to the lifestyles of the communities involved. 

At Steer Davies Gleave, we believe that for the majority of people, simply providing information will not be sufficient to provide them with the extra push they need to deviate from their normal routines. Personal Travel Planning challenges them to consider how they could improve their day to day life by choosing new ways to get around.

Personal Travel Planning is often delivered face-to-face by a team of Travel Advisors and supported by other communication channels such as community roadshows or social networking sites.

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave is a market leader in PTP. We have developed innovative and cost effective behaviour change techniques for over a decade, working with clients to implement PTP programmes and build PTP into their wider transport offer.

We can deliver PTP at the community level, tackling tens of thousands of households at a time, or within the context of workplaces, schools or smaller residential developments. We have a proven track record of project office set up, recruitment, training of local travel advisors, as well as development of a range of printed and electronic media to support the process. We also offer specialist advice to organisations wishing to undertake PTP in-house, training existing staff to deliver effective PTP programmes themselves.

What we can do for you

  • Implement Personal Travel Planning programmes
  • Train staff to deliver effective programmes for organisations wishing to undertake PTP in-house
  • Recruit PTP teams
  • Train local travel advisors in PTP skills including Motivational Interviewing techniques
  • Develop printed and electronic media to support PTP projects

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Personal Travel Planning
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