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Research & Innovation

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Research & Innovation
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Research and Innovation spans everything we do; ensuring our solutions are always forward-thinking.

Innovation is probably more important than ever: things are changing – who we work for, where we work, the problems our clients ask us to help with and the financial constraints they operate under.

At Steer Davies Gleave we take Research and Innovation (R&I) very seriously, actively investing in the development of new ideas and products, and encouraging our staff to think creatively and imaginatively about their work.

A few of the innovative ideas we have brought to the market include:

  • Commuter ‘willingness to pay’ game in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Connect Tees Valley ground-breaking travel information portal in the UK
  • Urban Dynamics Model -  a unique strategic modelling platform for demonstrating the wider impacts of transport in local and regional economies
  • The use of mobile phone data in transport modelling

More examples of the R&I work we have completed can be found here.

Why Steer Davies Gleave

At Steer Davies Gleave, we can provide a high level of technical expertise and knowledge of the industry from working with many clients around the world. Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly investing in developing creative ideas to meet new challenges.

We also have market research experts that can help gain insight into the opinions and motivations of people and their travel patterns, which can help to:

  • evaluate new markets and products
  • assess and monitor the social or economic impacts of a new policy
  • provide inputs for modelling & forecasting
  • gain insights into travel behaviour and
  • increase passenger volumes and revenues

What we can do for you

Our research and innovation program spans over everything that we do, ensuring the solutions we offer are always forward-thinking and provide added value for clients.

Other services we provide include:

  • Operational research
  • Stated preference surveys
  • Qualitiative market research
  • Quantitive market research
  • Market analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Insight

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