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Local & regional transport

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Local & regional transport
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Award-winning solutions; from policy development to land-use planning to behavioural change.

Across the globe, national, regional and local governments are facing a range of challenges that leads them to question and renew their policies and strategies for managing and investing in transport systems.

These include:

  • The desire to support and facilitate economic growth
  • Supporting regeneration and addressing deprivation
  • Growing and ageing populations
  • New technology and new ways of working
  • Protection and enhancement of the natural environment
  • Tackling greenhouse gas emissions
  • Dealing with the consequences of climate change

Common is the goal to make the best and most efficient use of current transport networks to meet these challenges, as well develop and implement plans for how these networks should be developed through investment.

So, why us?

Our policy and strategy development draws on the multi-disciplinary, international experience of Steer Davies Gleave’s consultants. We can identify the problems and challenges that governments face, develop alternative approaches to meeting these and assess the optimum way forward.

Our expertise in all modes of transport, combined with a strong analytical base – both looking at past trends and forecasting the future – means that we bring experience and innovation to evidence-led strategy development processes that leads to the development of practical and inventive policies and programmes.

What we can do for you

  • Problem identification and analysis
  • Objective and goal setting
  • Problem and challenge identification
  • Option development
  • Option assessment and appraisal
  • Demand forecasting and appraisal
  • Public, business and stakeholder engagement, advocacy and outreach
  • Strategic and project environmental assessment
  • Funding and financing
  • Development of guidance
  • Implementation plans and programmes
  • Institutional review
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Communication and dissemination
  • Project and strategy evaluation

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