Research and Innovation Programme

Innovation is probably more important than ever: things are changing – who we work for, where we work, the problems our clients ask us to help with and the financial constraints they operate under.

At Steer Davies Gleave we take research and innovation very seriously, actively investing in the development of new ideas and products, and encouraging our staff to think creatively and imaginatively about their work.

Our Research & Innovation (R&I) programme generates many innovative new ideas and research projects. All of our consultants get involved, but we make a special effort to involve younger staff, giving them a wide brief — and the time — to investigate all manner of topics. They simply have to submit a short proposal outlining what they want to do. A small panel of senior staff then review and decide which to take forward so the work can be carried out as a standard project. These projects can focus on almost any topic they like and the result is a growing portfolio of new ideas and products. Since 2013, sixteen R&I projects have been commissioned on a wide range of topics.

Examples of the R&I work we have completed can be found here.

Research and Innovation Showcase

In 2014, Steer Davies Gleave ran the initial R&I Showcase event in London with many of our industry colleagues in attendance and have continued to run the event in 2015. At each event, six mini-presentations are given on topics ranging from 3D imaging to preparing for live events to the impact of digital communications on travel. The Showcases are a great opportunity to find out about the latest innovations in transport planning and provide a forum for interesting debate. 

The latest R&I Showcase ran in July 2015 where our consultants presented on topics such as: the impact of fuel price changes on travel, developments in journey planning software and using Twitter to build a rail incident database.


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