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UK & Ireland

Transforming the future without damaging the present

25 April 2017

Transformational transport infrastructure projects are under way across Europe to meet our increasing demand for travel and city aspirations for greater connectivity. How do you create a step change in passenger experience, connectivity, neighbourhood benefit and operational resilience without damaging the current transport network and experience?

From the major redevelopment of London Bridge Station to the redevelopment of Vienna Hauptbahnhof, the creation of new capacity, enhanced experience and visually appealing transport infrastructure comes at a price and with risks.

Clean Power for Transport Infrastructure

13 April 2017

The European Commission, through its Alternative Fuels Directive 2014/94/EU, is seeking to promote the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure to enable an increase in the uptake of alternative fuels vehicles and reduce Europe’s dependence on oil and oil related products.

Fiona Tuck joins SDG Economic Development as an Associate

10 April 2017

SDG Economic Development, Steer Davies Gleave's new business venture, is pleased to announce the appointment of Fiona Tuck who joins the firm as an Associate.

Fiona is a research practitioner and brings over 10 years’ experience of delivering actionable and insightful evidence across economic development agendas.

Steer Davies Gleave hosts its first Movement Matters event in the UK focused on the future of Britain’s railways

04 April 2017

An excellent turnout of attendees joined a high-profile panel of experts at County Hall in central London, sharing an insightful discussion regarding the future of railway organisation.

Not all that glitters is gold

16 March 2017

Currently EVs account for around 0.2% of vehicles on UK roads , but their use is set to grow to around 1.6 million vehicles or 5% of licensed vehicles by 2020 . This is motivated by the fact that buying them is promoted through a favourable vehicle tax regime and government grants and planners are promoting the installation of infrastructure to support EVs in city centres. In response to the need to reduce carbon emission from transport, since 2001 the UK government has set vehicle tax rates based on CO2 emissions.

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Alberto Preti, Associate at SDG, is presenting ‘The new Silk Route – opportunities and challenges for EU transport’… by @SDGworld

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