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Transport funding

Corridors of Choice report

21 April 2011

Steer Davies Gleave consultants Neil Chadwick and David Moffat publish a new think piece, which examines the potential for generating revenues from motorway tolls to then reinvest in the road network in the UK.

Coming at a time of reduced public expenditure, the report titled ‘Corridors of Choice’ presents the option for charging drivers on trialled tolled on sections of improved motorway or taking a less reliable route using local road networks. 

Steer Davies Gleave Economic Briefing - The Budget 2011

30 March 2011

Almost a week has passed since the Budget was published and the government reaffirmed its commitment to its “Plan A” austerity measures. Compared to last year’s Comprehensive Spending Review, this Budget was a much less dramatic event. But it also contained some important changes for policy on tax, local government, economic development and planning which are still being digested.

Five ways to reduce the cost of Major Scheme consultations

04 February 2011

2011 will be a challenging year for major scheme promoters. Those that have made it through the Department for Transport’s initial cull will spend much of the year reducing cost savings to a more affordable level.

The ‘Best and Final Offer’ process

03 February 2011

The Department for Transport’s (DfT) announcement, in October 2010, of its approach for considering Major Schemes identified three groups of schemes:

Creating growth, cutting carbon: making sustainable local transport happen

21 January 2011

In its 19th January Local Transport White Paper, the Government has set out its policy direction on local transport. The White Paper sets the Government’s approach to shorter local journeys (so, trips of five miles or less) with the intention to support its wider goals of promoting economic growth and reducing carbon.

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