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Transport funding

Growing appetite, limited opportunities

20 September 2017

The last decade has been difficult for transport infrastructure providers. After years of reliable growth, motorway traffic fell or remained static, after the 2008  financial crisis. Traffic through airports, railways and even ferries also suffered.

However, it seems that across Europe the market has stabilised, and we are again seeing progressive traffic recovery and growth. In response, there is a growing appetite for investment in the sector through new PPP schemes, and specially through secondary sales/acquisitions and refinancing.

Securing European funding in transport, new calls in Autumn 2016

20 July 2016

In the last 10 years, Steer Davies Gleave’s Italian offices have recorded a significant increase in the number of organisations that have shown interest in and apply for European funding in transport. In many cases this interest is related to the reduction of available economic resources at national and local level, which drives public and private organizations to apply to European funding as means to develop their core business or statutory activities.

Competition for £20m Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund launched

19 February 2016

With the multi-year Local Sustainable Transport Fund coming to an end in March, many have been wondering what the future of smarter choices in England might be, and indeed whether there is a future. The prospect of so many excellent projects coming to an end leads us to reflect on what has been achieved. Steer Davies Gleave is proud to have supported a number of authorities deliver their LSTF projects, including developing eight multi-modal journey planners during the LSTF period, delivering significant travel behaviour change.

Steer Davies Gleave’s Urban Dynamic Model helps secure £1bn funding package

28 July 2014

Leeds City region has just been awarded one of the biggest City Deal settlements in the country, totalling £1 billion over 20 years. A significant part of this is for the City Region’s Transport Fund, amounting to £180 million over the six years from 2015 to 2021, followed by £420 million for 2021-2034, a total of £600 million.

Devolved Major Schemes Assurance – what's in it for LTBs?

30 January 2013

Following last week’s announcement the composition of the Local Transport Boards (LTBs) is finally known and the Department for Transport (DfT) has indicated how much funding each board will have available.

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