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Matthew Clark

Matthew specialises in analysis of the market for new and enhanced transport services both in the UK and worldwide with a particular focus on urban mobility. Matthew enjoys developing advanced analytical techniques, enabling innovative interpretation of existing publicly and commercially available data sources and surveys.

Matthew Harris

Matthew is a chartered Town Planner with extensive experience working in the Development Planning sector preparing Transport Assessments for a wide range of schemes and clients across the UK and has led the production of a range of Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, Delivery and Servicing Plans.

Megan Brock

Since joining SDG in 2014, Megan has specialised in ridership and revenue forecasts for passenger rail studies in the US and Canada.

Mike Costello

Mike specialises in transport modelling, spreadsheet modelling, economic appraisal and business case projects.

Mike Goggin

Mike has been working in the rail and transit industry for 20 years and has led many high profile assignments including specification of rail and urban transit operations, PPP contracting, market analysis and value-for-money reviews for public agencies and bid support to private sector clients.

Mike Nicholson

With over twenty years’ experience as a transport planner and traffic engineer, Mike has gained extensive experience in assessing, designing and implementing transport infrastructure projects.

Nandini Ravindranath

Nandini specializes in providing demand and revenue advice on transport and city infrastructure projects. She has managed large multi-disciplinary transaction projects across the world, often in logistically and linguistically demanding locations.

Neil Chadwick

Neil is an expert in transport strategy and public policy. He has directed and managed high-profile strategy and policy studies for public and private sector clients.

Patrick Miller

Patrick's interest is in urban transit solutions that can make cities more sustainable in the 21st century. He has experience in transit evaluation, multiple account evaluations, policy development, and transportation demand management.

Paul Cresswell

Paul is an expert in air traffic forecasting and aviation transactions. He has worked on a range of major airport transactions in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

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