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Liliana Pereira

Liliana's expertise lies in mobility projects and public transportation, toll roads and evaluation. She has worked on projects in Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

Lisa Buchanan

Lisa Buchanan is Head of SDG’s Planning division in the US. Lisa is an expert in travel behavior change with over 18 years’ experience of developing and implementing programs to reduce car use and has advised local, regional and central government in the USA, UK and Australia.

Lucia Manzi

Lucia’s key area of expertise is in demand and revenue forecasting in the infrastructure sector. She has managed a range of projects involving private sector investment working with grantors, project sponsors and lenders.

Lucile Kellis

Lucile is an expert in survey research, discrete choice modeling and econometric analysis for transportation projects, and in toll road valuation modeling under both public and P3 financing.

Luke Miller

Luke is a geographer by background with an interest in the development and procurement of public transport services and schemes, with a particular focus on rail.

Marco Concari

Marco is a civil engineer specialising in the transport sector. He has extensive experience in providing strategic advice in relation to transport investment, including rapid transit schemes, toll roads and railways.

Mario Scott

Mario leads a number of ridership and revenue projects for rail, ferry and transit project across the US. He has experience writing and applying binary and multinomial logit models using travel demand modeling software, as well as spreadsheet models.

Mark Buckmaster

Mark is extensively involved in the design, development and testing of demand and revenue forecasting models across modes, with a particular focus on rail. He has an accomplished track record of managing high-profile projects with multi-discipline teams and complex stakeholder relations.

Masroor Hasan

Masroor's area of expertise is in the field of passenger rail, particularly high speed rail and commuter rail. He has managed and played key roles in a number of high profile high speed rail studies in the United States.

Matteo Novati

Matteo is an engineer with a MSc in Transport and Sustainable Development and a BSc in Architectural Engineering. Based in the London office, he is working on transport planning and detailed design projects.

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