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David Cuneo

David leads Steer Davies Gleave’s US Traffic and Revenue forecasting work. He is a skilled traffic modeler who has led many traffic and revenue studies, ranging from feasibility to investment grade. His recent project experience includes a focus on toll roads, bridges, managed lanes and seasonal toll facilities.

David Sutanto

David is a transport planner with experience on a broad range of projects in various locations across the world. David has prepared a number of transport planning studies and strategies and he has extensive experience with a range of transport modelling software packages and sustainable transport planning and design.

Dennis Fletcher

Dennis is an experienced transit and transportation planner who specializes in community-based transit and transportation solutions that emphasize innovation, coordination and mobility.

Ed Bryan

Ed is a GIS specialist providing support to a variety of business streams, local authorities and private clients. He works on a wide range of projects, including development planning, travel planning, public transport service planning, and parking, and junction and cycle scheme design.

Edmund Cassidy

Edmund has worked on a variety of rail, infrastructure and rapid transit projects at SDG. He has a good grounding in developing and using complex models, as well as an understanding of business case and appraisal work.

Elena Chiari

Elena is a civil engineer with an MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering. She is particularly interested in Discrete Choice Modelling, SP and RP surveying, and projects related to public transport.

Elisa Tejedor

Elisa is a Civil Engineer and has developed her career managing transport projects across the globe in the road, rail, sea and air sectors. She has worked for the public and private sector focusing in business strategy, transport optimization, traffic and revenue forecasting, infrastructure finance and project management.

Euan Mackay

Euan is an urban transit specialist, with experience in both planning and operational terms. His background is in traffic engineering and impact assessment.

Fiona Jenkins

Fiona implements and evaluates initiatives which encourage sustainable travel. She is passionate about understanding habitual travel behaviour and investigating the different measures that could help individuals make better, more informed choices about how they travel.

Fred Beltrandi

Fred has extensive experience in major transport scheme evaluation and provides recommendations on the feasibility and risk associated with joint public/private ventures. He has worked assignments all over the world, providing advice on market strategy and business performance.

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