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Alan Jones

Alan is a transportation planner specialising in the development and delivery of transport strategies and urban transit projects.

Alejandro Obregon

Alejandro in an experienced Transport Planner with more than 10 years’ experience in transport planning, demand forecasting, policy testing and feasibility testing.

Andrea Pavia

Andrea is an urban designer with 15 years of domestic and international professional experience. During his career he has collaborated in the design and development of a number of master plans for Transit Oriented Development (TOD), mixed-use, office, campus, and residential complexes in California and the US, as well as for city additions in China, and in the design of public and private open spaces.

Andrew Mellor

Andrew specialises in the planning, management and financial analysis of passenger transport systems throughout the world, such as providing advice on revenue, cost and performance issues for rail and bus transit operations.

Charles Russell

Charles is a director with Steer Davies Gleave who has overall responsibility for our work in the area of infrastructure finance and has led many of our major projects in the US.

Claudia Ramirez

Claudia joined Steer Davies Gleave in January 2014 with the aim of building up the Sustainable Transport expertise in the Sao Paulo office.

Clémence Routaboul

Clémence is an expert in the aviation sector in Europe, and has led policy and regulatory projects focusing on air policy issues and transport issues.

Craig Nelson

Craig specialises in digital information solutions for transportation, gamification websites, Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities. Craig has managed numerous innovative technical projects in North America and the UK, including multi-modal travel portal websites, interactive maps and bespoke software development.

Dan Gomez-Duran

Dan has over 16 years’ experience in transport consultancy focusing on forecasting, policy and strategy advice and the economic evaluation of road and transit projects. Dan has been involved in a range of transit and road forecasting studies in the UK, Canada and the US.

Danielle Czauderna

Danielle's specialism is in all areas of behavioural research, discrete choice modelling and demand forecasting. Recent projects have involved the undertaking and auditing of behavioural research for infrastructure projects.

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