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Industry insights

Glasgow – Edinburgh high speed rail

06 October 2008

With the Executive saying that, in the long term, it wants to examine options for reducing journey times between Edinburgh and Glasgow including looking at new infrastructure and a high speed railway , the time has come to get very clear about what purpose and what wider aims would be served.

Rail station access

06 October 2008

Does a 30% forecast increase in rail travel equal a 30% increase in parking demand at stations? Do the principles of travel planning that have long since been applied at schools and workplaces have a role to play in managing the demand for travel to railway stations?

A national programme of pilot station travel plans soon to be announced by the DfT and the Association of Train Operating Companies will, it is expected, help determine this.

The hidden power of (good) advertising

06 October 2008

Advertisers face a dilemma: people are bored by informational advertising and irritated by intrusive advertising, while enjoyable advertising lacks a “call to action”. So what is the best approach? It may surprise you to hear that the most successful advertising is enjoyable and not necessarily either attention-grabbing or very informative.

How do you put a price on carbon?

06 October 2008

The Department for Transport’s NATA Refresh consultation document highlights a range of issues surrounding the incorporation of environmental impacts into transport appraisal. Going forward, one of the key elements of standard appraisal will be the valuation of changes in carbon emissions at the Shadow Price of Carbon (SPC).

How accurate are toll road forecasts?

10 August 2008

Today, at Steer Davies Gleave, traffic demand and revenue forecasts are regularly prepared for privately funded infrastructure projects, especially toll roads, tunnels, and bridges. Unlike the seers of old, we acknowledge that predicting the future isn’t easy and consequently, although deriving a view of the future is a key aspect of the work, equal effort is put into quantifying areas of uncertainty and risk.

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