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Improving forecasts through ‘Nudge’ theory

15 November 2017

It is notoriously difficult to predict what’s going to happen with new technologies. However, being able to do so is of uttermost importance in the transport sector. Behavioural Economics, if applied correctly, can help in this almost impossible quest of predicting the speed of adoption of new technology. To illustrate this, we use two very different types of technology, Uber and Electric Vehicles.

A New Horizon – Manchester/Beijing Connectivity

17 October 2017

Steer Davies Gleave jointly with SDG Economic Development hosted yet another successful Movement Matters event in Manchester focused on international connectivity for the North of England.

A burst of fresh thinking on the impacts of international connectivity for the North of England

06 September 2017

Movement Matters is a series of inspirational seminars, debates and workshops in the UK and USA, presented by Steer Davies Gleave, exploring new inspiring ideas about places, people and economies.

Fiona Tuck joins SDG Economic Development as an Associate

10 April 2017

SDG Economic Development, Steer Davies Gleave's new business venture, is pleased to announce the appointment of Fiona Tuck who joins the firm as an Associate.

Fiona is a research practitioner and brings over 10 years’ experience of delivering actionable and insightful evidence across economic development agendas.

Understanding the economic benefits of improved accessibility to transport systems

14 February 2017

The International Transport Forum (ITF) in association with the OECD, has just published the findings of a roundtable discussion on the economic impacts of improved accessibility to transport services and networks. Tony Duckenfield, Head of Insights at Steer Davies Gleave, played an integral part in the event, where relevant knowledge and experience from around the world was shared and examined in detail. 

From the discussion and review of evidence it became apparent that:

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