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Movement Matters United Kingdom 2017

22 February 2017


Movement Matters is a series of inspirational seminars, debates and workshops, presented by Steer Davies Gleave, exploring how transport shapes and influences places, people and economies.

Drawing on experience from international leaders in transport, government and related industries, we share insights and debate opportunities and challenges. Our series of events spans the UK and America, with sessions planned in London, Manchester, Leeds, Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

The UK sessions feature a range of thought-provoking and stimulating topics including the relationship of technology and transport, the challenges of increasing urbanisation and the demographic timebomb and its effects to our cities.

Steer Davies Gleave’s Movement Matters series provide a burst of fresh thinking without keeping you out of the office for too long.

Here is a taste of our upcoming events:

Movement Matters: The future railway organisation

Topics discussed:

  • How will Britain’s political landscape, technology changes and the continuing need for capacity, impact railway organisations as we currently know them?
  • What is the best shape and nature of the future railway organisation to bring about sustainable, efficient and successful change?
  • How do you bring infrastructure and operations together for the benefit of  the user?

There are multiple challenges to be addressed in Britain’s railways – arguably the most radical changes lie ahead since the demise of steam and the reconstruction of the railway after the Second World War.

As Britain’s railways see the emergence of new digital technologies, the dawn of HS2 and continuing growth in demand, what will be the implications for rail infrastructure management and train services delivery?

Our specially-selected panel will offer insights from outside the UK, from airport-airline relationships, and from establishing a new organisation to manage a brand new railway such as the Elizabeth Line. Join us to discuss how Britain’s railway needs to adapt to deliver for the future.


Stephen Gardner, Executive VP Planning, Technology & Public Affairs, Amtrak

Andrew Haines, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Howard Smith, Crossrail Operations Director, Transport for London (TfL)


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Movement Matters: Disruption or decline, what's next for the black cab?

Topics discussed:

  • How can the industry adapt to respond to new transport technologies and mobility trends?
  • Traditional cabs versus on-demand taxi services, how can both co-habit?

On-demand taxi services from companies such as Uber and Gett are providing new ways of travelling around our cities and towns. In many cities these services are offering greater numbers of vehicles and lower prices than traditional black cabs and minicabs, providing greater choice for users.

This seminar will discuss the future of the black cab in London and explore how the industry is adapting to respond to new transport technologies.

Our specially-selected expert panel will discuss the future of the black cab and the taxi and private hire industry more widely, including how the sector can adapt to address air quality, integrate with other transport modes through Mobility as a Service and evolve with the introduction of autonomous vehicles.


Thomas Moody, Head of Policy and Service Development, Transport for London

Matteo de Renzi, CEO, Gett Taxi

Matthew Clark, Associate, Steer Davies Gleave


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Movement Matters: The rise of the high-rise

Topics discussed:

  • How can London cope with higher densities in a constrained space?
  • How is the London skyline changing and what is planned for the future?

London faces the need to deliver of the order of 50,000 new homes per annum for the next 20 years. With a constrained city that needs to respect the desire to protect open space and a greenbelt that prohibits its outward growth, London development will inevitably need to provide homes at greater densities than has historically been the accepted norm.

Sustainable development and appropriate density ranges are influenced by setting in terms of location, existing building form and massing, and public transport accessibility.

This Movement Matters session will provide a forum for an informed discussion around the subject of density of development in London and how existing and planned transport corridors offer opportunities for delivering greater housing numbers in the outer parts of London.

Our panellists will set the scene in terms of a policy position from Transport for London, an architect’s view on how good design can deliver quality development at increasing densities, and an indication of how developers are reacting to evolving policy and their customers’ view on desirable development.


Lucinda Turner, Acting Director of borough Planning, Transport for London

Artur Carulla, Partner, Allies and Morrison LLP

Leading house builder - TBC


Topics discussed:

  • How is the direct Manchester-Beijing flight route acting as a catalyst for growth and resilience?
  • What are the impacts of this new horizon for the region?

International connectivity and the trade it enables is key to the economic performance of city regions. The greater the global connectivity between cities, the stronger the potential for enhanced wealth creation and economic growth.

This seminar will consider how the direct Manchester-Beijing flight route is acting as a catalyst for growth and resilience, and explore the impacts of this new horizon for Greater Manchester and the wider North.

Our specially-selected expert panel will discuss the various ways in which this direct connectivity can lead to broader, sustained economic benefits, including the associated infrastructural investment, added value to the skills and knowledge base and enhanced trade performance.


Adam Jupp, Head of External Affairs, Manchester Airport Group

Marian Sudbury, Director, Global Operations, Northern Powerhouse – Exports and Investment, Department for International Trade

Richard Cotton, Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach, University of Manchester

Rhys Whalley, Executive Director, Manchester China Forum

Peter Chi, Finance Director, Beijing Construction Engineering Group


Save your seat for this session here.

 *Please note, the program and speakers are subject to change

*Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

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