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London’s first underground cycle vault in Bloomsbury Square


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As part of an initiative to make the Midtown business area – Bloomsbury, Holborn and St. Giles – an excellent space for cycling in London, Inmidtown delivered a report in 2014 in partnership with the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) to assess the potential for improving cycling conditions in Midtown. The building of the Midtown Cycle Vault facility aims to support the growing cycling community.

Our role
Steer Davies Gleave developed the operations plan and user guide for Inmidtown's recently opened Midtown Cycle Vault under Bloomsbury Square, London. The Cycle Vault is a fine example of how to provide high quality cycle parking with lockers, showers and workstands with tools for servicing bicycles. The facility offers 100 bike spaces where there were once 12 car parking spaces.

How we did it
The work required us to develop solutions for the potential issues associated with running such a facility: what do people need to know, what can go wrong, how to run it day-to-day. Issues included what information users should supply when signing up, what to do if someone loses their key fob and how to deal with large or unusual bikes.

This project furthers Steer Davies Gleave’s experience working on cycle hubs around the country. We have previously advised Transport for Greater Manchester on good practice design and operation of cycle hubs. We have also recently supported the Royal Borough of Kingston in developing their plans for a station cycle hub as part of their mini-Holland project. SDG has also provided expert advice to the London Borough of Hackney on the potential future development of a cycle hub in the borough.

The Cycle Vault will provide cycle parking for small offices in the Bloomsbury area that wouldn’t otherwise have space for secure cycle parking, therefore making cycling to work a more attractive proposition, and reducing congestion in central London.

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