The application process (graduates)

Stage 1

Applications for our 2018 UK Graduate Scheme are now closed. 

Stage 2

If your application is successful we will ask you to complete two online tests, numerical and verbal reasoning.

Stage 3

If successful, you will be invited to a first interview. During this interview, we will be looking for examples of your skills and your ability to apply these skills to address the types of issues you will face as a consultant.

Stage 4

If successful, as the final stage of the process, you will be invited to an assessment centre. The assessment centre is designed to give you the opportunity to display some of the characteristics discussed at your first interview. It is designed to be interactive and enjoyable and to give you the opportunity to display your strengths, so the best way to approach the day is to be yourself and enjoy it! 

You will also have the opportunity to meet those currently on the Graduate Scheme and find out more about life at Steer Davies Gleave. 

If you are not successful you will have the opportunity to receive feedback.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQs or contact us at
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