Why Steer Davies Gleave

We believe that transport can change the world. That's why we've spent over a quarter of a century investing in pioneering transportation planning techniques and developing the skills of our specialist staff.

But our biggest investment is in developing relationships. Whether that's with clients, partners or industry associations, where we help to shape and define the transport markets we work in.

Steer Davies Gleave is a transport consultancy business that is sustained by a shared inspiration. And it is this that fuels our ambition to provide unrivalled advice that helps deliver better transport solutions to everyone, everywhere.

Ten reasons to work with us:

1. Global

Our clients say they value our distinctive global experience. With offices in four continents, we are able to learn from global best practice. 

2. Local

Local teams in all our markets bring our global expertise to your neighbourhood.

3. Quality

With the industry’s most experienced transport consultants; strategic advice, expert opinion and technical excellence are the foundations of our company.

4. Trusted

We value our long-running relationships with clients. Our clients keep coming back to us; it tells us that we are doing the right thing.

5. Strategic

Big businesses, public sector, new technologies and changing markets; we believe in long-term solutions. We help our clients plan for the future.

6. Build partnerships

We believe in relationships. Building a culture of shared knowledge benefits us all.

7. Big picture

Our services go beyond transport to meet the wider needs of our economy, our environment and society.

8. Independent

Being an employee-owned business means we offer our clients truly unbiased and objective advice. We have no corporate affiliations and no obligations to downstream construction resources.

9. Innovative

Pioneer in the application of stated preference in transport research. Pioneer of techniques to measure economic impacts of transportation investment. Pioneer in the use of mobile phone data in transport modelling. We always look to the future.

10. Personal
We love being in the transport business. Talk to us.

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