Why Steer Davies Gleave

Steer Davies Gleave is a consultancy that combines commercial, economic, technical and planning expertise to find powerful answers to our clients’ complex challenges. Answers that help people, places and economies thrive.

Working as specialists

Broad expertise produces broad answers. We are a firm of specialists: strategists, researchers, analysts, economists, planners, designers, engineers and technologists. Together we have the knowledge, objectivity and ingenuity to deliver precisely-targeted solutions that go beyond the ordinary or simply expedient.

Combining all our expertise 

It takes joined-up thinking to create a world where people, places and economies thrive. Harnessing the combined expertise of all our people, we offer sharp integrated insights – helping our clients see where value lies and which opportunities have the greatest potential.

Staying impartial

We are independent and truly impartial, with no external shareholders to please and no downstream construction services to sell. The result is a relentless commitment to giving best advice, not making the biggest return for ourselves. So clients know that our answers focus on their interests – not our own.

Expanding on local knowledge

Across the world, we are constantly finding new and better ways to meet our clients’ needs, combining our local knowledge with global best practice. By actively sharing this knowledge and applying it to new markets and new situations, we expand our combined expertise and improve outcomes for all our clients.

Anticipating the future

The future is an exciting but uncertain place – from evolving political priorities to expanding social demands, and rapid technological advances to changing human behaviour. By combining smart thinking with grounded expertise, we help all our clients navigate change and anticipate future challenges.

Get in touch

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